Back To School Review

I don’t know where the time went but today I found myself dropping off my oldest child at middle school and my youngest at kindergarten. It seems like just yesterday the oldest was starting preschool and I was a big ball of tears!


I thought this would be a great time to look back in Mabelhood’s past and pick out a few tips I’ve shared that will help you in your back to school preparations:


1. We all know how fun school supply shopping can be. Well, actually it is pretty fun if you are an organizer like me, I love school supplies! I can now say these lists get much easier as the kids get older!


2. Getting back into a regular routine at night before school starts is a great way to prevent bedtime melt-downs. Consistency allows your children to know what is expected each night and helps them settle down for a restful night.


3. Create a command center to control all of the paper clutter that is getting ready to come your way! There will be tons of it. Set up a system that is easy to maintain allows you to keep important papers front and center.


4. Create a homework station in one central location in your home. The command center above would be a great place. Keep all of the basic supplies your kids will need in order to get their homework done. A kitchen island or table is a great place so you can help with homework while preparing meals.


5. Last but not least, don’t forget those school calendars! As soon as you get the new school calendar right down all the dates you need to know in your planer. We have half days that can really mess with a schedule! You don’t want to get caught at an appointment and realize you have a child that needs picked up.

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