You Don’t Have To Organize Alone

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I recently overheard two women complaining about chores, then the conversation went something like this, “How about you come to my house and help me clean, then we can go clean your house!” It was said half jokingly but really what better way to get things done! Organizing, like cleaning, is much more fun when you have someone to help!

Get Organized With A Friend

Grab your best girlfriend and tackle that clutter! Your trusted confidant can help you work through some of those tough questions. This is especially fun when tackling the closet.  Have fun trying on clothes and getting an honest opinion. Mix, match and try to come up with new outfits and don’t forget to have a good laugh at some of those pieces you should probably let go of!

Team Up With Family

Teamwork helps get things done! Crank up some happy music and get the kids and/or your spouse moving. Tackle those hot spots together! Clear the counters, put away the toys and put things back in their places! When you are all done everyone gets ice cream!

Hire A Professional Organizer

If the thought of organizing your whole house seems overwhelming seek help from a professional organizer. By offering a non- judgmental approach and finding systems that work for your organizing style an organizer can help you dig out of that clutter once and for all!

Are you the sole “organizer” of the family or do you get others to help out?

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