Summer Storage

It seems as though my son has grown before my eyes and it was time to clear out some of the toy storage in his room and move in a big boy dresser. He had this great storage unit for toys but two things would happen. First of all, the top acted as a dumping ground and he would cover all bare surfaces with random stuff so it always looked cluttered. The second issue we had was that he really only cares about his Lego’s now so the other stuff in bins was hidden away and a constant thing we had to organize.

So we spent a few hours over the weekend going through all of this toys deciding which were keep, toss or re-purposed as an outside toy. The army guys for example, were moved to the outside for a more realistic battlefield feel. The actual toy storage was moved to the garage and ended up being the perfect solution for all of our outside needs. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sports equipment, remote control cars, you name it I think we may have it out there!

This was a great what to corral all of those summer toys and clear out some outgrown clutter from my son’s room.

Have you re-purposed storage for outside toys? Do you have your own creative ways to control the outdoor chaos? Please share! 

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2 Responses to “Summer Storage”

  1. Jazz

    Where was the storage bin purchased that is in the picture. It’s very nice!!

  2. Tanna

    Jazz the storage is form Ikea. It’s the Trofast system. Many configurations and held up great!


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