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It’s inevitable that it will happen as soon as you get a counter cleared off. The clutter will grow again. All you have to do is lay ONE THING down and it acts like a magnet to the rest. It pulls in clutter from all corners of the house. You have the best of intentions but it just happens.

We are not perfect. We too, get clutter. The more active you get the easier the clutter piles up. You are coming and going and flinging things on surfaces as you move onto the next activity. You have to make a point to stop, think about “Where does this paper go?” but often it just gets piled up on the counter for later. For me the clutter comes a little easier in the summer when the schedule isn’t as structured.

Ultimately I seem to be the one that is “in charge” of all surfaces in the house except for one, my husband’s bedside table. All clutter belongs to me or the kids and my husband will politely show his frustration with the clutter when it is there. However, every time I walk past the bed I just shake my head and laugh at his clutter.

It seems that many men, including some of my clients have one area that is just atrocious. They claim one area as if they don’t own another spot in the house and pile things up as high as they can get before toppling over.  It isn’t until the pile literally gives way that they will tidy their spot. Not clear it off completely, mind you, just make the pile smaller and neater looking. The photo above is my husband’s spot after he cleared it off. This is the best I have seen it in a while.

Does the man of your house have any interesting “man clutter” habits?

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  1. Lori

    My man unfortunately took a corner of the kitchen counter which is the first thing you see when you walk in. It gets huge. I actually clean it out for him periodically but not without the fussing that I threw away some extremely urgent/important scrap of scribble. Oh well.


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