Mother’s Day – What I Don’t Want

Mother’s Day is around the corner and everyone is asking the moms what we want. I’m a simple gal and not particularly high maintenance in the gifts department. I don’t want flowers or jewelry for Mother’s Day or any other occasion really.

In fact, my perfect Mother’s Day gift would be doing without some things. For example, there are certain comments made by the general public that we mamas could do without. Mamas of biggie-sized families prefer not to be asked if we own a TV or suggestions that we should take up a hobby. Contrary to popular belief, we are not actually spending the majority of our time participating in baby-making activities. Another classic one – when I go out alone in the evening, I’d like people to stop asking who is taking care of the kids. There is this guy in their lives called their “father”. And no, he’s not “babysitting”. I checked in with Daddy-o and he has never been asked this question when out for the evening, yet I hear it constantly.

As for the Daddy-o list of things we mamas could do without, I think these few simple requests will do:

1) I’d like all men who happen to get up before their sleeping partners to carry their socks and shoes downstairs to put them on. Read: do not sit on the side of the bed and make the mattress jerk around. Oh, and don’t turn on your electric toothbrush either, ‘kay? Thanks.

2) Don’t shop – allow me. On my second Mother’s Day, I had a 17-month-old and a 7-week-old, both with chickenpox. Without naming names, *someone* got up on that day and said he was going out for the morning to do some Mother’s Day shopping. Yeah, right. Just hand over the credit card and you watch the kids – I can do my own shopping, thanks.

3) Let me manage and prioritize the “honey-do” list. You know when you’re out there in the garden puttering around with one of your projects and I’ve got kids hanging around my neck as I’m trying to prepare for a dinner party for 20 guests? Yeah, that. Stop it. Put the hammer down and release the children from me.

What is your Mother’s Day wish list? Does it involve diamonds, breakfast in bed or crap-tastic crafts galore? What could you do with and without on your one day a year?

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10 Responses to “Mother’s Day – What I Don’t Want”

  1. Christina Shoults

    Amen Sister! For Mother’s Day I would like nothing more than to start the day with sunggles in bed from my kids followed by a hot cup of coffee (I never get to drink it when it’s hot!) and then hubby to occupy BOTH kids while I cook dinner that night. I don’t mind the cooking dinner part but the best gift is to be able to do it without having to deal with the Spanish Inquisition from my 4 yr old or having to stop what I’m doing, wash my hands, and give my 9 month old a handful of cheerios for the 2000th time that day! I hope you get what’s on your list!! :)

  2. Julie Cole

    Love that you don’t mind cooking your own mother’s day meal – as long as you can do it in peace. Ahhhh…..the little things in life!! And HOT coffee…..what is this luxury?? :)

  3. Ann

    No KFC for dinner. No matter what that commercial tells you – most mom’s I know DO NOT want a KFC meal. And, like you, it is the things I don’t want – a little quiet. going to the bathroom with the door shut – and it staying like that. Simple pleasures, I believe they are called.

  4. Danielle C

    This is soo true! I would like to not be ‘surprised’ that people have been invited over last minute on Mother’s Day. I would love to not hear from a certain ‘someone’ that I am not his mother. My kids are little and need some great examples.
    well done Julie!

  5. Marie

    I am currently 32-weeks pregnant with my second child, so when my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, the answer was ready in my mind. A pedicure. Because you fellow mothers know I can’t reach my feet anymore!

  6. Janet Cockburn

    Most Sunday’s I do a roast dinner for my family, including 1 husband, 2 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, 4 grandchildren. What I would like for Mothers’ Day is for the men & children to organize dinner and do ALL the clearing up while us Mothers put our feet up!

    BUT if any of those men can’t make it due to work schedule, then they can take me out sometime and spend time with me, that would mean more than flowers.

    • Julie Cole

      Janet – we had the whole gang over to our house for a BBQ. Daddy-o did a great job, but I had to laugh at a comment my sister made. We were in the kitchen after eating and I asked when we wanted to do the mother’s day cake. Her response (with hands in soapy water) “Let’s do it when we’re done washing the dishes”. We just started laughing so hard – then we went and sat down and ate cake!!


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