End Of School Clutter

Yesterday when the kids returned home from their last day of school my oldest son promptly asked if we could have a bonfire using all of the paper they brought home. There were literally piles of it.

The kids brought home artwork, school notes, filled and empty workbooks. Not to mention leftover school supplies and tattered binders. The one thing that I was really not happy with is the half empty composition books. If they weren’t going to be used all the way then why not come up with a better system? But now,  what do we do with it all of this leftover stuff?

First we weed out the good, the bad and the ugly. The ugly is the tattered used up stuff that has no further purpose and needs to be tossed in the trash. The bad are those things you care not to hold onto like graded papers, filled in notebooks and notes that are no longer needed. Personally I like the bonfire idea. S’mores anyone? The good are those precious memories of things created with imagination and hard work. Beautiful artwork and stories that have been written are the best. I usually take all of the great stuff and create a memory folder or binder for the year.

 What is your biggest pet-peeve about the end of year clutter?


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