Labels For Mom and Dad Too!

Mabel's Labels Mother's Day Labels Father's Day Labels

I cannot tell you how excited I am about Mabel’s Labels new Mom and Dad Label Pack! You know why? We need to keep up with stuff too! And how fun it is to have our own style of labels. Loving the bacon for Dad!

My husband has already gotten into my stash of labels, cutting off the first name and leaving our last so he can put them on things at work. Sometimes things just tend to get up and walk away around there. Or how about your water bottle at the gym, he has one on there too.

We go to many gatherings where multiple people bring food and at the end of the party your casserole dish looks like mine, EXCEPT for my label.  So it makes perfect sense to have some just for us Mom’s and Dad’s! Not only would these make great Mother’s and Father’s day gifts but surely a few friends at work would love their very own labels for the stuff they lose!

There are many uses for labels. Games, dishes and platters you bring to gatherings. Poolside goodies, perhaps? Where would you use your Mom or Dad label?


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  1. Leanne

    I love this! I too have been known to cut our son’s name (and his dinosaur design) from his labels to keep track of my own stuff. :)
    Thanks for adding this for us.


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