Bragging on Facebook – Annoying or Acceptable?

A while ago, my friend Louise relayed that she was horrified to learn that a woman she knows “unfriends” people on Facebook who brag about their kids a lot. Louise explained that she loves sharing news about her children and also hearing about other people’s kiddos. While I couldn’t agree more, I completely get where her friend is coming from.

I don’t have a problem with parents who use their status updates to talk about the cool stuff their kids do. But there is one condition – I better be hearing some of the bad stuff too. I love learning that little Johnny won MVP in the championship game, but I hope to also hear when little Johnny is sent to the office for giving his teacher the finger. If I’m getting all of the good, and none of the bad – well, that might qualify as annoying. If all I’m hearing about is your fabulous life, adoring husband and academically gifted children, I’m either rolling my eyes or throwing up a little in my mouth. If sickly sweet is the only thing being served up, I can find it hard to stomach.

It’s also interesting to consider what accomplishments we see as ‘bragable’. I’m as thrilled as the next parent when my kid manages to get balls in nets or cross finish lines before the friends do. Sometimes I’ll post about my pride. However, I do try to focus my bragging moments on the stuff that really matters – when they do something kind, thoughtful or empathetic. Those are the things that are worth sharing and celebrating. I recently posted on Facebook about my 12-year-old son who had offered to help my 97-year-old grandfather with a rather unpleasant task – one that most adults find difficult. Offering assistance to his elderly great-grandpa – well, that was brag worthy. Seems Facebook agreed – I’ve never seen so many “likes” in my history on that site.

My friend Stephanie recently posted about her father and I think it’s a shining example of appropriate bragging.

Stephanie SassyModernmom:
Can I just brag about my Dad? A 70-year-old man. Retired. In pain every day. While “wintering” in Florida, he spends every single Monday building houses for Habitat for Humanity. How cool is that?

What is your tolerance for bragging – annoying or awesome?

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