The Surprise Baby

People say that I’m brave for having six kids. My take is that it’s nothing compared to those crazy mamas whose kids are out of the baby stage when they go and immerse themselves right back into it. Imagine ditching diaper bags, sleepless nights and poopy bottoms only to return to them several years later. At least in my situation, I have not had a chance to come up for air and experience what it feels like to be out of that phase. Once I have a taste of the sweet life, I’m thinking there is no going back.

A couple of years ago, Daddy-o turned 40 and my sister and BIL hosted a party. We arrived with a bucketful of newborn baby. My BIL had a big chuckle and noted that at his 40th a few years down the road, he would be on easy street – his kids would be teenagers. There were many laughs as we predicted that Daddy-o would never be in a position to retire seeing that he’d likely have kids still in university when he was in his sixties. Funny thing is, that bucketful of baby was only #5 – baby #6 came a couple of years later. Yes, no retirement plans for Daddy-o.

So you can imagine the fun we have had welcoming my sister and BIL’s new baby into the world last week. You can also envision their shock and horror upon discovering baby #3 was on the way, just as they were plotting their “Freedom 40” plan. And you can definitely picture how much fun Daddy-o had reminding BIL that he will now have a toddler at his 40th birthday party.

The shock and horror I refer to lasted for only about a minute before they were absolutely thrilled. OK, the shock hung around for a while. You see, they actually always wanted three kids but had a rough baby-making history and in the end it seemed they were extremely lucky to get the two they got. So, this little “baby-that-could’ is pretty darn special in our books.

During my sister’s surprise baby adventure, I’ve spoken to a lot of mamas who have had a similar experience. They all reported that, while the news initially took some digesting, in the end it was the best thing that ever happened to them and their families.

That may be true. Still, don’t expect to hear about any surprises from me.

Big thanks to Photog friends for these awesome images. Nicola popped around to see baby Isla at home and took this beautiful baby shot. Julie saw Isla and her big sibs at her studio and worked her usual magic!

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16 Responses to “The Surprise Baby”

  1. Laura

    Yep I had me one of them surprise babies, my older two were 8 and 6 at the time and we had just gotten rid of all that baby stuff. Now of course we just can’t imagine life without him. He’s so awesome!

  2. Ally

    Wow – good for them! I only have 2 but I have a feeling I wouldn’t mind a surprise later on… not sure about hubby though!

  3. Valerya Baker

    That’s definitely not something I could imagine. Our kids are 18 months apart and while it’s tough, it’s a lot easier to be stuck at home with two little ones than it would be having to drag a newborn around while taking older kids to school, sports, etc. Maybe. I don’t know. It seems like if you have more than one it’s hard no matter how you do it! At least they’re cute and sweet and so much fun!

    • Julie Cole

      I agree – in many ways just being in the same stage with a few of them seems easier….I usually cut a baby’s first birthday cake leaning over a bellyful of the next one. Sometimes these things just happen tho, and we take ‘em as we get ‘em!

  4. Sandra

    Well, call me crazy but my 7yo DD sure LOVES her 6 month old baby brother :)
    We had DD pretty young and we thought we were complete but changed our minds when DD started Kindergarten Throw in a few bumps in the road and here we are with our perfect little family… though I wouldn’t mind another little bundle down the road :)

  5. marija

    I once met a woman who had three children, the first was 14, the second 12 and the third a newborn. I was pretty nosy in asking her why she had such a large space between her children! She told me that she and her husband were told she would be unable to conceive naturally, so she went ahead with IVF for her first two baby girls. Twelve years later, they naturally conceived baby boy, their little miracle baby!

  6. Angela

    Swore I never would be one of those “oopsie” parents because I was an oldest of 5, y’know, where 3 were “oopsies”, including my sister who is 23 years younger than me. Also swore to never be pregnant in the summer and was ‘done’ after my older 2 because my pregnancies had not been easy (understatement). So, *surprise* for me! She has been a blessing, actually the bright spot in a lot of recent difficulty; instead of “oopsie” I think she was “meant to be” my saving grace. Love her lots!

  7. Leanne

    It’s amazing how wonderful surprises can be. We decided to have our second child when our DD turned one. Being only children my DH and I thought it would be good to have TWO close together. We were lucky enough to get pregnant right away, everything was normal then we went to our first ultrasound at 5 months (I waited bc I wanted to know the gender), only to discover “surprise” it’s identical twins. Shock, fear, anxiety, guilt (for my dd) you name it we felt it. Today my daughter is 5 and my sons are 3 1/2 and even thought twin 3 yr old BOYS keep us very busy, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful addition to your family. I wish you all the best!


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