Organizing: Where Do I Start?

One of the most common questions I get asked about organizing is “Where do I start?” or “How do I get started?” Depending on your state of clutter, organizing can be quite a task to take on.

Start by making a list of all the organizing projects you want to complete. Do a walk-through of your home and write down ideas you might have or spaces you could improve.

Then, commit to doing SOMETHING once a day, or even once a week. For instance, if you want to organize your desk but the whole desk overwhelms you, then just commit to one drawer. One small step can motivate you to take many more steps.

Start small and allow yourself the chance to check off those small tasks on your to-do list. The feeling of being overwhelmed will start to fade once you do SOMETHING!

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11 Responses to “Organizing: Where Do I Start?”

  1. Bron

    Great organising but that’s NOT the same drawer!
    Where did you stash the pizza cutter and the cork screw?!

  2. Samantha

    This is so true! All it takes it a little nudge to get started, and you’re off! (and your drawer looks fab!)

  3. Kathy Sykes

    I love this. The BEFORE picture shows a tray that is supposed to used for organizing but really doesn’t do the trick. The AFTER picture is a better method of keeping the whole drawer organized.
    I must commit to doing something once per week. It’s time for Spring Cleaning and Organizing!

  4. Janet

    I put a New Large Black Garbage can in my walk in closet and marked it Donations. I can get it and take it to the kitchen or any room or drawer and drop in anything I have not used in 6 months. It works so well for clothes that I no longer wear or just don’t want. I try 2 times a week to clean out a drawer or shelf. When it is full one of my daughter will take whats inside and add it to their yard sale. Everybody makes out!

  5. Tanna

    Technically it is the same drawer. We did all of our drawers in the kitchen but started with the Utensil Drawer.

    I liked the utensil drawer so much I had hubby do all of the drawers. We have two sets of flat wear because one set is easier for the kids to use. So we put them all in one drawer and moved the other stuff to other drawers. In the link below the pizza cutter is usually on top of the cheese grater, it fits perfect. It must of been out being washed in the picture. We freed up a whole drawer in the kitchen by making a place for everything.

    Since doing this everything stays that way. The homes are definitely defined so you just know where to put things.

  6. Carrie

    i’ve started tackling some kitchen cupboards (to match my tidy pots and pans, as per your suggestions!!)

    i’ve found with stuff in the basement (read: storage junk we probably don’t need) my rule is every time i go down there i need to take one item and either throw it in the bin or put it in the garage sale pile for the spring. we’re getting there slowly but surely!

  7. liz

    Ya all fine and dandy if your the only one who empties the dishwasher. How do you train your husband and kids that this is it’s home? they like to open drawers and throw the pots and pans in Haha

  8. Celia

    Your first drawer resembles mine. It made me realize I need to get an organizer that lets me put more in it. I’m taking up another drawer with other things that I could put in this one if I re-organize. Thanks for the inspiration!


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