Organize Your Laundry Routine to Prevent Pile-Ups

Mabel's Labels Laundry Room

Do you have laundry strewn over the back of the couch? Not sure if the clothes that are still in the laundry basket are clean or dirty? Can’t seem to catch up, EVER? If any of these apply to you, it sounds like a laundry routine is in order.

Technically, laundry is one of those chores that does not ever end. We are always going to have to do it, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an overwhelming task. Here are a few ways you can simplify your laundry routine.

Attach laundry to another daily routine such as breakfast or dinner. I do one load a day. I start a load every morning before breakfast. Then by the time the kids are done eating and getting ready for school, it is time to put the clothes in the dryer. When I come back from taking my son to school, it is time to fold the clothes. One chore out of the way before 7:30 am! Of course the larger the family, the more loads you may have to do!

Hang up shirts immediately after being dried to prevent wrinkles. Even the smallest of laundry rooms can have an area for hanging using a collapsible wall mounted clothes storage system. This is one of my favorite products and I use one in my own laundry room.

Get individual baskets for the kids and label them with their name. When their basket is full, it is time for the kids to put the clothes away! Teach your children now so you don’t get stuck doing it forever. I put away the clothes if they are under 3 but even at that age they can take the hanging items to their closet. Let go of perfection when they are young just as you would with cleaning, but fine-tune their skills later on.

Do the laundry in the laundry room. No matter the size, set up a system right there to tackle the laundry. It goes by much faster. If you take the clothes elsewhere to fold you are more likely to get distracted and leave them there to tend to something else.

Implementing a few of these tips will get your laundry routine off to a great start.

Do you currently have a laundry routine that works for you?

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9 Responses to “Organize Your Laundry Routine to Prevent Pile-Ups”

  1. Jenny

    We have two boys and they each have their own laundry basket.
    With boys, the majority of their clothes are darks – actually with mine I think they all are!
    So I do a load per child and then the basket with each of their loads gets folded and put in their rooms to be put away.
    Then my husband and I have about 2 dark loads, a lights load and a whites load.
    I start it on Friday morning as soon as I get up and it’s usually finished and put away by Sunday evening.

  2. Cynthia

    That could be my laundry room:) But, we have rectangular baskets; it’s easier for the two boys to get things out without messing up all of the folding.

    Putting away laundry is an expectation for ours. It’s up to them (almost 9 and 4) to put things away. If the baskets aren’t empty on Saturday, allowance goes down. If they are short clean clothes during the week, they don’t complain because it’s up to them to put them away in the first place – and they know it:)

  3. Ramona

    Usually laundry just once a week – for 3 people, we have 3 regular loads a week, plus one for towels. An extra one every second week for bedding. And that’s it. Dirty laundry is kept in laundry baskets, and clean stuff gets folded and put away right away. (unless the cat has taken up residence for a while….what is it about clean laundry?)

  4. Lynda

    Great tips! You are so right about getting distracted when folding in another’s happened to me, and the basket get messed up, clean clothes go on the floor, total chaos! Part of problem is a very tiny laundry room, with no counter to fold on & store baskets. Will be correcting this in future, as current laundry room will become ‘mud room’, and new laundry area will move to basement once it gets finished. Challange is to get 5 yr old boy to put away his laudry (and also put dirty clothes in hamper). Got a 1 year old boy that will be trained well early on!!!

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