Summer Survival – Week One


One week down, eight more to go.

This week four of the kiddos were enrolled in a little tennis camp in the neighbourhood for two hours a day. The plan was that in those two hours I would have enough time to clear out my e-mail inbox, update my Facebook status, spend a few moments on twitter, read a couple of blog posts and run an errand. The rest of my day would belong to the kiddos.

It rained this week and while I don’t mean to carry on and complain about the rain, tennis camp gets cancelled at the first detection of a dark cloud. It’s a far cry from soccer night where parents are forced to shiver on the sidelines while cheering on their little players during a torrential downpour.

So the kiddos and I spent a decent chunk of time together this week – indoors. As our family has increased in size, I’ve noticed some changes in our actual house. The volume has increased so dramatically I’m convinced someone secretly installed invisible microphones into the walls. There seems to be a noise switch hidden somewhere that can never be turned off. I’ve also noticed some structural changes in our house – the foundations seem to be shrinking and the walls are closing in.

During the week I also had a chance to closer observe the strange and confusing relationship my kids have with each other. They are best friends and playmates while simultaneously teasing, bickering and generally annoying the crap out of each other. How do they manage all that love and torment at the same time without getting hurt or offended? Don’t these people know how to hold a grudge? Engaged couples should observe them for a lesson on how to be angry and then just let go of it. My guys don’t even seem to remember that they are in a conflict situation before they move onto the next activity together.

This summer will provide plenty of opportunity to observe the strange and unusual behaviour of my kiddos – I’m on maternity leave and other than a few half day camps, the kids are hanging with me. Since my house is kid-centric, “their” backyard is suited up with a pool, trampoline, swing set, sand pit, and even backs onto a park. No need to camp up when home feels like summer camp.

While I have already had moments thinking it’s going to be one long summer for mama, I’ll just keep my wits about me and have some fun surviving rainy days, bickering siblings and my ever shrinking house.

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4 Responses to “Summer Survival – Week One”

  1. Bedth

    Awww, this sounds great. The ability to deal and move on should be required learning.

  2. Lee

    “How do they manage all that love and torment at the same time without getting hurt or offended?”

    Julie, when you figure out the answer to this question, you’ve got a best selling book on your hands!

  3. Julie Cole

    too right but it seems to be a universal thing with siblings. We were the same as kids. I had one friend who used to come over and she was an only and could not understand our relationships. She was forever saying things like “why did you ask her to come with us? You’re mad at her, remember five minutes ago??” And I never did remember five minutes ago!


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